You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

You're looking for a job. You want to give yourself the very best chance of getting the job you most want.

But how?

A smart, well laid-out CV that makes you a shoe-in for the post. Right?

Well yes, except that is so last century. Now there’s a new way to make that first impression really count.

Video CVs are the future. And don’t worry if you’re “camera shy”. We’ll show you how to get past your insecurities – so you shine at your best!

The problem with traditional CVs

They’re not just a problem for you - they’re a real hassle for employers. No matter how well you describe yourself, it is still just words on paper. When your potential boss ‘meets’ you for the first time, whether online or in the flesh, he or she will form their opinion based on what they see - from the most obvious visual clues … to those more personal traits, relevant interests and enthusiasms that make you the lovable, indispensable asset you know yourself to be. No piece of paper can do that for you. A video CV enables you to express yourself to employers, and get your personality across.

The great news is – if you’re a tiger, now you don’t just have to be a paper tiger.

Getting ahead of the Game -
with CVVid

More and more young people are discovering that this brand new alternative to the paper CV is giving them the edge out there in the workplace – seriously boosting their chances of getting an interview.

Look at it from the employers’ point of view. CV Videos mean they don’t have to wade through piles of paper trying to get an impression of the people they may want to hire. CVVID makes it so much easier for them – because it gives you the tools to present your true and best self. So your application stands out from the rest.

CV enhancement has really taken off in the States. Soon it will be the norm on both sides of the Atlantic. Now is the perfect time to get ahead of the competition by joining the growing numbers of jobseekers showcasing their talents with a personalised video from CVVID.


We’re experts in what employers want. And we help you get it to them in a way that’s easy and enjoyable – for you, and them.

By the way, did you know Jonny Depp was camera shy? Many people are. If you’re one of them - don’t worry. We’ll get you through it – to you at your best. Let your video CV speak volumes about who you are. 

When you are searching for your first job, that dream job, or that weekend job for extra pocket money, make an instant impression to employers and recruiters with a video and really stand out from the crowd.

Your Video CV can be created on your phone in any setting you choose. It’s really simple to do - you don’t need to be an IT geek or a professional photographer. See for yourself.

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